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Wikipedia Page Creation: How to do it and what you need

by gerryywilson

Wikipedia article creation is the process of creating new articles on Wikipedia. It is helpful to think about it as ‘Wiki’s version of publication’. When you publish something, you are simply putting your work into a public forum so that other people can read and use it. To do this, you have to consider what kind of audience will be reading your work, how they are likely to interpret or use it, and how you can provide them with information so that they may get the most out of it.

That same type of thinking should guide you through the process of creating a Wikipedia page for yourself or others. Why would someone want to look up your page? What does someone need to know about you in order for them to obtain an accurate understanding of who you are and what you do? These questions should be considered when creating your page.

A Wikipedia article is written in a standard format

Usually, the first sentence of the article will start with ‘X (name) is/was (occupation).’ Although it may seem like common sense, remember that your Wikipedia page exists online for anyone to read and use. Library Custom Essay Oxford Service for University The whole point of writing something down is so that other people can learn from it and interpret it in their own way. A Wikipedia article needs to provide all of the information necessary so that someone can come away from reading it with an accurate understanding of who you are and what you have done This means making sure that there is a clear thesis statement that tells the reader what they will learn from reading your article, and that you provide them with enough evidence or proof so that they may have confidence in what you are saying.

In order to accomplish this, Wikipedia articles include citations from reliable sources which back up the assertions being made within the text. You can read more about how to format a page properly here. In addition to writing your own page, it is helpful to be involved in the Wikipedia community as a whole. Be sure to follow all of Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines, especially those pertaining to biography pages. The best way for you as an editor/author/creator of a page is to help create a mutual respect between yourself and other editors through demonstrating good faith and the creation and improvement of content.

Always remember that your page is not about you; it’s about what you have done and why people might want to know about it. It doesn’t matter how famous or accomplished you are, because everyone has to start somewhere! Wikipedia is an encyclopedia for everyone, so there’s no need to be nervous.

The best way to think of yourself as a page author is as a teacher:

You’re presenting information that other people can use in their own lives or work professionally. To quote former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., “Great cases like hard cases make bad law.” He meant that landmark legal decisions—such as Brown v. Board of Education, found school segregation unconstitutional—changed American law for the worse. The decision became a precedent that made it harder over the years for black Americans to get a fair shake in court. And because Holmes believed that legal decisions should never be driven by personal feelings, his fellow Supreme Court justices may have been wrong to make their ruling based on racial preferences instead of following the law.

In other words, always stick to the facts and information relevant to your subject matter when you write your Wikipedia page. If someone wants more information or other perspectives on what you’ve done, they can read secondary sources for themselves. Just remember not to introduce too much personality into your writing! It’s easy for an article about a person to become slanted if it isn’t written from a neutral point of view, so just stick with what is relevant to your subject, don’t try to impress your audience, and you should be fine.

If you need help writing something or navigating Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines

Find someone who knows the information and ask them for advice. For example, if you are writing an article about yourself because you want to practice using APA formatting in citing sources, ask a college professor or teacher who teaches APA style what he/she thinks of your page before submitting it for review. They may be able to point out where you can improve things like credibility (so that people will take what you’re saying seriously), tone (to make sure that it is not offensive or biased), flow (so that there isn’t any awkwardness in reading it), or organization (to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for).

If you are writing about yourself

it’s important to have other people read your page before posting it. Again, ask someone who knows the information if you are unsure of how to write the content. Your sources should be cited throughout your text so that readers can check them if they want more detailed information about a topic. Providing links within the text to external websites which offer further insight into what you are saying is also helpful for Wikipedia users, especially because many articles are written by people with differing opinions or perspectives on one subject. Also note that it is okay to link to images and videos which show exactly what you’re talking about without having an article to support it.

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